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"Pedalling as fast as a hummingbird"- Minu



The Humming Bird crew was formed by Minu, who decided to make a biking crew to join the "League of Street". His long-time friend June, who left his previous crew with him, and the school president, Jay joined the team. They were later joined by Shelly, an experienced rider from England, and Dom, who prior to joining didn't even own a bike. Vinny, desperate to find a crew to win the competition prize money, was the last addition to the crew completing the sextet to compete in the league

. Among all Minu's poor attempts at naming the crew other than "super cool" crew in which Jay strongly opposed to, they came up with "Hummingbird". The name "Hummingbird" was from the idea that a hummingbird can flap its wings 90 times per minute.


Sunny High School Principle(PRINCIPAL)[]

As punishment for getting involved in a fight that was recorded and posted online, the boys, Vinny, Dom, Minu, and Jay, were all suspended from school. On top of that, Jay was kicked off the student council and was no longer class president, to most of the council's disappointment. To get them ready for the up coming competition as well as give them a chance to erase the suspension from their permanent record, Dom, Minu, and Jay had to attend training coached by Principle Nick.


Cycle up hill dragging tires

The Master Monk[]

Cycle on rollers on a rock in the middle of the river

Chased down by a "monster" hungry boar

Cycle back down the mountain to the city

Mr. Nam[]

warm up - 180km bike ride from the city to the countryside

Shuttle run - the best method to improve physical strength. The last 2 standing get to sleep indoors.

relay race


Windbreaker - In their race against Scorpion, Minu came up with a strategy to direct their opponent's focus away from Jay. The plan was to have Dom and Vinny get marked in the beginning of the race while Minu, Shelly, and Jay kept their pace in the rear. At the last leg of the race, Minu would sprint to the front to break the opponent's tempo giving Jay an opening to sprint to first place

Slip stream - Riding on the tail wind of the lead biker to minimise energy loss

Drafting Tactic - Ride in a straight line where the lead rider acts as a windbreaker for their crew to save energy for the final sprint. This tactic was used in their race against Asura.

Psychological Warfare - Intimidating presence that demoralises their opponents


Draft drawing of the Humming bird logo by Mia in her notebook

The crew's logo was designed by Mia, their schoolmate and close friend. She volunteered to create a design partly because it was her interest but also because of her crush on Jay. We see her working hard and sketching out designs on her notebook during school. She had connections to a clothing company who helped her print the logo their uniform.


Third years[]

Minu m.jpg

Minu Yoon (Strategist/Support)

Jay Jo (Super Rookie)
Dom Kang (Sprinter)

Vinny Hong (All-rounder)

Shelly (Support)

June (Support/Strategist)

First years[]

Sunny High School

  1. Mason Ko (aspires to be like Jay)
  2. Terry Wang (aspires to be like Dom)

Out of sheer will and high spirits, they were able to keep up and complete the training with Mr. Nam and the rest of the Hummingbird crew. Like Gilbert, they were officially able to join the Hummingbird crew.

Gunn Industrial High School

  1. Gilbert Hwa (Self proclaimed Vinny's Right hand man) - He guilt tripped Vinny into letting him join their intensive training. It was clear that of the freshmen, he was the weakest both in skill and endurance but he still refused to give up even when Vinny asked him to leave. Feeling the shame of being last place, Gilbert lashed out and attacked Vinny's ego saying he's all talk for someone who's not number one on the team. Since then, Gilbert's words haunted Vinny, as if mocking him for being only second best to Jay.

Worked part time at Blast Chicken as a delivery boy.


  1. Mia
  2. Yuna Yoon
  3. Their physics teacher - often turns their class into study hall in order to watch the Humming Birds race
  4. Class 2-1(sans the replacement class president)
  5. little elementary school kid who returned Jay's bike


  1. Principal Nick
  2. Mr. Nam - Helps Jay realise there's more to life than studying
  3. Master Monk in the mountains - The team, Jay and Dom, would retreat to the mountains find solace during their times of struggle.


Round Rival Place/Win Time Member(s)
Preliminary Round 1

(Representative Race)

Against time limit Last place for the cut to the next round 00:05:29.97 Dom
Preliminary Round 2

(Mountain Road Race)

Against the time limit First place of the seven riders group for the cut to the next round * 00:03:20.72 Jay
Final Race Round 1

(Construction Street Race)

Sixth Group:

Humming Bird vs. Smart Crew

Win - Jay, Vinny
Final Race Round 2

(Flag Relay Race)

Humming Bird vs. The Bullet Crew Win - Shelly, Minu, June, Dom, Vinny, Jay
Final Race Round 3 (Street Elimination Race) Group A: Humming Bird vs. 6 other crews Second place - Dom, Minu
Final Race Round 4

(Protect the King Race)

Group C: Humming Bird vs. 4 other crews Second place - Dom, Minu, June, Jay
Final Race Round 5

(Team Death Match)

Humming Bird vs. Monster Crew Lost - Dom, Jay, June, Minu, Shelly, Vinny
Rematch 1

(Race to Death)

Humming Bird vs all previously lost crews First place - Dom, Shelly, June
Rematch 2

(Collaboration Death Match)

Team Humming Bird-Manga Crew vs. Zephyrus Crew-Zeroback Crew Win - Jay, Minu, Vinny
Final Race Round 6 (Street Rush) Humming Bird vs Tarantula Crew Win - Jay, Shelly, Dom, June
Final Race Round 7 (Ruleless Race) Humming Bird vs. Scorpion Crew WIn 4.76 second lead Jay, Shelly, Dom, Minu, Vinny
Final Race Round 8 (Backstreet Attack) Humming Bird vs. Punk Prince Crew Win Shelly, Vinny, Jay, Dom, June
Final Race Round 9 (Team Relay Attack) Humming Bird vs. Manga Crew Win Shelly and Dom, Vinny, Jay, and June
Special Event Light Cavalry's Owen Knight vs Jay Lost Jay
Final Race Round 10 (Score Battle) Humming Bird vs. Asura Crew Won June, Dom(1pt), Vinny(5pts), Jay(2pts)

*Jay set a new record for the second round of preliminaries

Minu gets paralyzed


Name ideas prior to Humming Bird: "The Super Cool Crew" "Super Ultra Crew" "Big Giant Crew" "Tiger Crew" "Legend Crew" "The "You're Dead" Crew" "Awesome Crew" "Oo-La-La Crew" "Ultra Great" "Flash Crew" "WindBreaker" "The Hwang Jung-Min Crew" "The Goddess and Her Boy Toys" "Sunny Crew"